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Give the Gift of Tax Savings!

Here is a tax deductible gift idea that you may wish to share with your Team.

Order the E-book “How To Deduct Almost Everything….And Have Uncle Sam Pay You!” for only a tax deductible $15 including S&H at making the net after tax savings cost for most approximately $6.95! With just following any of the many tax savings strategies in this book you can easily save 100 times or more the cost of this book!

Now for a gift, after you purchase the book you will receive an email with the link to download the E-book, but DON’T you Download it! Just forward the email with the link with a message from you that, “This is a gift of the E-book “How To Deduct Almost Everything….And Have Uncle Sam Pay You!” and all you have to do is click on the link and follow the instructions. Happy tax savings!” Your friends, business associates, and/or loved ones will thank you thousands of times over for the thousands of dollars they will save in taxes still this year and every year! (FYI, I suggest that you print out the E-book.)

This book is very easy to understand complete with easy to understand examples. It contains proven tax savings techniques based on 25 years of tax planning for the network marketing industry. It easily explains what you can deduct, why you can deduct it and easily shows you how much you will save in taxes. It does not get into all of the complicated detail of completing forms, schedules and your return; that is for your tax preparer. (FYI, our CPA, who does tax preparation as a profession, completes our return!) “How To Deduct Almost Everything” is a quick reading book for you to be able to show your preparer what you easily can do with your network marketing business to save for you a bundle in taxes.

You must act quickly as the end of the year always comes upon us faster each year!

Thank you and enjoy,


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