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Comments from a Top 50 Income Earner.

The following are three emails I received from Cathy Wendte; a very successful network marketer:

I just now skimmed your ebook (will read it with a fine tooth comb soon).

In just skimming it, I can see the value of it! Not only for existing home business
owners but for prospects as well.

I especially loved the section where you offer the questions to ask
a potential tax preparer. After all, as we know, knowledge alone is
not power, but APPLIED knowledge is where the real power is. So
while knowing all of this ourselves is certainly helpful, where the rubber really
meets the road, (where the real savings will be realized), is making sure our tax preparer
is on the same page. Your questions are spot on to be sure we are working
with the right accountant.

Can’t wait to really sit down and read it all.

Thank you for creating this wonderful guide.

Cathy Wendte

After Reading How To Deduct Almost Everything, Cathy sent to me the following….

Thanks so much for writing such an easy to understand yet powerful
book on the subject of taxes and how it relates to our awesome industry.

Honestly, I think your book is the most powerful recruiting tool I’ve seen!


And then Cathy sent out the following to her Team…..

Greetings Team,

Just wanted to give you a quick tip on one of the best, if not the best, prospecting tools I’ve seen….and it has nothing to do with our company…but it will help you enroll. :) Confused…read on. 😉

There is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) in the Top Club named Glen Polcyn. He recently wrote a book on all of the advantages of having a home based business. You must read his short book. It’s a 20 minute read or less if you read fast. But…don’t let the brief read fool ya.

The way he explains the tax advantages, not only will you enroll more members, but he explains in his short book, why they would be foolish to ever drop their auto ship…even if they don’t succeed in building a business. If you understand the power of what he says in his book, you can enroll more people and keep more of your team on autoship, even in tough times……especially in tough times!

It can even turn a satisfied customer into a working distributor if they read it and ”get it.” It will also assist you in making sure you are getting all of the deductions you are entitled to as a business owner working from your home. Personally, I don’t usually understand a lot of complicated ”tax talk” but Glen makes it super simple to understand!


Thank you Cathy for your wonderful comments! Glen E. Polcyn, CFP

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