Cathy Wendte – Top 50 income earner – Direct Sales/Affiliate Marketer, Kansas City, KS

Thanks so much for writing such an easy to understand yet powerful book on the subject of taxes and how it relates to our awesome industry. This book should be in the hands of every single prospect you have or come across. It will do the enrolling for you and the ironic thing is Glen does not even talk about a specific company in his book. It is totally generic. Honestly, I think this book is the most powerful recruiting tool I’ve ever seen!


Warren Chambers – Top 25 income earner consistently for 27 years.

Thank you Glen, I loved the simplicity of this book and how you put this information about the Tax benefits of owning a home based direct sales/affiliate Marketing business in such a simple to understand format. This is a must for all direct sales/affiliate Marketers! Once this information is understood, why would anybody not be on auto-ship from their company?


Tom Alkazin – #1 Income Earner, Direct Sales/Affiliate Marketer

This book is a “must” read for every home based business owner! The incredible tax savings that exist for everyone are laid out in a simple, easy to understand manner. This will fill a huge need!


Sarah Pope Denson – Successful Direct Sales/Affiliate Marketer, Virginia Beach, VA

Glen, Thank you sooooo much for creating this book! I read the e-book last night. I have been procrastinating on my taxes but now I’m excited to get started after reading all of the deductions that I wasn’t aware of! And the tip about the W-4 form, that is really cool…I may be able to take advantage of that. And I loved the prospecting tips around the holidays..This book is so awesome! I plan on getting a hard copy and the CD audio too :) Thanks again!”


George Carlozzi – Successful Direct Sales/Affiliate Marketer, Salem, WI

This book is packed with useful information; identifying legitimate deductions, how to interview and recognize a forward-thinking accountant before you hire one. What I liked best: seeing the true value of a direct sales/affiliate marketing business in terms of how much “wage income” I’d need to generate in order to equal the amount of money I get to keep by not paying so much in taxes! This book will help me (and my team) hang on to more of our hard-earned money!


Brandon Figy – Successful Direct Sales/Affiliate Marketer, Cottonwood, AZ

Just read “How To Deduct Almost Everything!” cover to cover and WOW! I have an interest in tax savings and this book makes everything so simple to understand. This book is like my tax deduction bible! I refer to it often for categories and how to classify certain expenses. As an overall tool, this book is awesome for explaining, in “English,” the story of the tax benefits of the direct sales/affiliate marketing business. If people will listen and become slightly educated to the tax benefits of our business it is a no brainer to get involved. Awesome job writing the book!


David Roden – Direct Sales/Affiliate Marketer and Student, Central Michigan University

Mr. Polcyn, Thank you for the tax booklet you made to help with business tax deductions. Your book helped me tremendously these past two years!