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On the LIVE CD, the Tax Advantages of Your Network Marketing Business, Glen E. Polcyn, Certified Financial Planner and Successful Network Marketer, explains how to use the tax savings benefits of a network marketing business as a recruiting and retention strategy. On the CD, Glen expounds on some of the topics in his book, “How to Deduct Almost Everything!” plus shares additional tax savings strategies not in his book.
Reading the book is one thing, but hearing Glen, on this CD, actually explaining how these tax savings techniques are applied will make you much more effective!

With each Hard Book & CD combo order, you will receive, via email, a downloadable PDF file of the actual overhead slides Glen references from this LIVE presentation!

The CD: “Tax Advantages of Your Network Marketing Business!”

· How to have a 90% retention.

· How to remain audit proof – “The 5 W’s!”

· How to categorize expenses on your receipts.

· What is the significance of a tax deduction?

· W-2 employed vs. 1099 self employed.

· Understanding the incremental tax brackets.

· Schedule A employed (your job) vs. Schedule C self employed (your network marketing business).

· Converting personal expenses to legitimate tax deductible business expenses.

· Explaining the Tax Savings Example on Page 10 of the book.

· How to use the Tax Savings Example as a recruiting tool.

· How to get your new members product for free by giving them a raise via the Tax Savings Example.

· How to complete a Form W-4 to maximize your allowances to minimize your tax withholding.

· How to keep your Brand Partners on Auto Delivery by using the Tax Savings Example.

· How to replace lost income or savings via your network marketing business.

And with each Hard Book & CD combo order, you will receive handouts of the slides from the live presentation supporting the above topics!